Not to be mixed up with Peter Jackson's "Battle of five Armies", "Five Farmies" is a kids tv-show produced by Dock11 for the german Pay-TV channel Boomerang. It took a pretty extensive, technical production-pipeline ranging from modelling, rigging, texturing, and grooming to tracking, animation and compositing in order to get the unedited shots of the five farmies to look like they do now. My job in the postproduction of the series mostly consisted of the very time intensive process of 3d-geometry-tracking, but I also worked on some of the character-animation, general motion design and rotoscoping tasks within the episodes. I also co-created the projects VFX-breakdown you see down here:      
The geometry tracking of the animals movements was done in Pf_Track using low Poly Meshs of the main Characters heads. If you are interested in my daily 3d-tracking workflow, down here you can watch a real time capture of my entire tracking-process for one shot: