In my third and fourth semester of university in Bremerhaven, a few fellow students and I conquered this thing called To this day I am not entirely certain where this kind of weird name originated, but it's our university's very own campus channel. In its essence it is a collection of videos produced by digital media production students as a part of a mandatory project in third and fourth semester. Every year a new team of students has its very own take on the project which actually made it a very fun experience. Here are some of the works that I created myself:
"Jetzt Mal Ernsthaft"
Talkshow Intro and Online Teaser
During our year of we produced three episodes of a talkshow discussing local topics such as nightlife or environment in Bremerhaven. I created the Intro for the talkshow as well as a short online teaser for facebook and youtube.  

My Very Own Satirical Take
On Life in Bremerhaven
Partly as an homage to itself I created three episodes of short satirical videos reflecting on (student) life in Bremerhaven. I wrote a short 1-2 minute text for each episode, recorded it and visualized its content with some motion graphics.  

Campus Party Interviews-
Dramatizing the Ordinary
At two partys on campus I moderated something not exactly qualifying as interviews with the wise students of my university. I then edited the footage of those events and added some extra bit of drama to it, which usually revolved around myself.