The work behind "Projekt: Antarktis" was a gigantic project of its own.
Because even though the video material for the movie was already filmed, 
there was one huge problem: There was no script for the movie...
...So in order to pack the 130 hours of footage that were brought home from antarctica into a 90 minute feature film, we had to write the script kind of "on the go". For me this resulted in a lot of notes, tasks, mind maps and random scribbles to somehow wrap my mind around what the three filmmakers might or might not have intended to tell the audience while filming.
Through constant communication with the three filmmakers, both in person and over, we eventually narrowed down the most important parts of the footage. Then I started planning some kind of a rough sequential order of scenes that the movie would consist of.
The sheet we worked out for this kept on evolving and changing
throughout the entire editing process. 
With the overall order of scenes planned out, I started sorting the footage accordingly...
...And then created rough "scripts" for those scenes...
...wich I then built according to those scripts.

In a way we had to reverse the traditional process of making a movie.
But in the end it turned into this:
So I guess we still made it.